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Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine – Like Mother, Like Son – Mom & Son Swap Bodies FullHD (1080p/

“Look, please…I’m begging you,” Whitney pleads on the phone, “one more week – just one more week.” Ever since Whitney’s husband left her, she’s been trying to pay everything herself, all while raising her son as a single parent.
She pleads with the bank not to take her house, promising to pay them in a short, timely manner, but has no idea how she’s going to do it. “What am I going to do?” Whitney asks herself. With no other option but to get yet another job, she figures that stripping could give her some quick, easy cash.
Whitney knocks on the door to her son’s room, heels and dress in hand, embarrassed to tell him what she has to do. “You know Mommy’s working two jobs to keep this roof over our heads, and…looks like I might have to be working a third one,” she begins to explain to her son. Aiden is sympathetic, lying a hand against her shoulder, “Mom, you don’t have to work so much.” But she did. In fact, ever since Aiden’s father left the picture, Mom was barely able to keep them afloat.
“It’s okay, Mom, I know you’re doing your best,” Aiden tells her. He knew how hard Mom worked to give him a good life, and he’d do anything to take that weight off her shoulders. “Would you be embarrassed if I…you know, started stripping?” Mom’s tone is awkward and uneasy. “I’m not really comfortable with it, but there’s really no other way.”

“Mom, there is another way,” Aiden comforts her. Aiden had heard the late night phone calls that Mom had with Dad where she begged him for money. He knew it was embarrassing for her, having to ask him for help, having to work two jobs, and now having to strip for money.
“I was looking online, and I came across this site, and they have these pills – they let you switch bodies,” Aiden begins explaining. He continues to say that there are two pills – one person takes one and the other person takes the other, and those two people will swap bodies. “Instead of you going stripping, maybe I could go and strip, and you wouldn’t have to, you know, degrade yourself and put your body out there,” he tells her.
He can tell his mom is uncomfortable doing it herself, so if they swap bodies, he can make sure they come up with the money they need to keep the house. “You’d really do this for me?” Mom asks. “For us?” Willing to take the work load off his mom’s shoulders, Aiden hands her a tablet, and they both chew one up. It gives them a weird, tingly sensation, their body temperate goes up, and they pass out from the overwhelming effects.
When they wake up, they’re in each other’s bodies. Aiden can’t help but check out his new female body, pulling up his red skirt, and Mom freaks out when she sees him touching her body, “Son, what are you doing!?” They examine one another’s bodies, making sure that what just happened was real, and not just a dream.
“See! It’s real! That’s mine…on you!” Aiden says excitedly in his mom’s body. Mom keeps Aiden focused on what they swapped for, her stripping job, and has him try on her sparkly high heels and revealing dress. “Be careful,” Mom says sweetly, “if you break a heel, you’re not gonna be able to make any money.”
Aiden begins stripping down and already has a problem trying to unfasten Mom’s bra. “So, wait – how do you get these things off?” he asks. Mom tries helping him, but Aiden is insistent on figuring it out himself. He has fun in his new, older body, groping at Mom’s tits and looking at her shaved pussy. Once he’s dressed in his club outfit and shoes, he struggles to stand and walk in such high heels.
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