The Tabooddhist – Birthday Plans HD 2015

Added: 6/22/15
Starring Emma Evins and Miles
Emma wants to do something special for her daddy. Its his birthday today and he took the day off work but has nothing planned beyond staying at home and reading his favorite novels. She cuddles up to him, and they have a little bonding time. He makes sure she hasnt been getting into trouble at school for going behind the bleachers. What a naughty girl! But she assures him she hasnt, because she wants to keep it at home so she wont get in trouble any more. Hes not really sure what she means and a little skeptical when she starts to come on to him. Hes always said his baby looks just like her mom, and he hasnt really had any action since shes been gone. She wants to please him for his birthday and do something special for him. He takes a little bit of convincing, because he thinks t wouldnt be appropriate. He tells her to stop, but she starts to get heated. She always gets what she wants, and this is no exception. So she takes off her panties and shoves them in his mouth, telling him to shut up. Then she pushes him down on the couch and sits on his face. That definitely shuts him up, now that hes got a mouthful of pussy. He doesnt protest, licking her clit as she grinds against his mouth, moaning in pleasure. He eats her pussy for a while but then he picks her up and carries her over to her bedroom. He finishes eating her out as she moans and squirms all around the bed. Then they both take off the rest of their clothes and she starts to suck his dick. She loves to please her daddy. She wants to make him feel good on his special day. He fucks her in several different positions until he cums on her chest. Then he wipes it up with his finger and she licks it off. She loves her daddy.
Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Daddy, Daughter, Daddy Talk, Fucking, Blow Jobs, Hairy pussy, Pussy Eating, Face Sitting, Cum Shot.

Duration: 00:18:24

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