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Taboo Diaries – Lauren Philips, Miles Striker – Dads Banging My Wife And Had A Friend Record It SD 2018

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Miles and Lauren had been married almost 6 months when the unthinkable happened. Lauren and Miles dad began hanging out quite a bit while he was working and even some late game nights. One thing led to another and horny milf that Lauren is she started fucking his dad often. One night they were watching TV and Miles crashed from too much booze. Lauren started teasing his dad right infront of her girlfriend who immediately grabbed a camera. She filmed every hot and horny moment right up until Miles dad exploded in his wife. Lauren woke him after everyone left and took Miles to bed none the wiser.

Lauren was so turned on after that night she came up with an even hotter plan. She invited her girlfriend and Miles dad over assuring them he was gone for the night. Miles Dad jumped in bed and soon Lauren was sucking his cock while her girlfriend filmed. Lauren climbed on top at the perfect time and started riding him as Miles walked in. Lauren orders him to sit and watch while she fucks his dad and Miles sheepishly watches from the corner. Finally his dad starts fucking Lauren hard and fast til he expoldes in her wet hairy pussy. Lauren then makes Mil;es clean up the mess his dad left in his wifes pussy.

Thats one big happy family!!
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