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these may be some of my last writings if things don’t go well. i recently discovered i had stage 3 brain cancer. mom had passed a few years back so i had come to rely heavily on papi. the night before my treatments were to start i was really scared so i went in to cuddle with papi to help me relax. his big arm wrapped around me and suddenly i had this uncontrolable desire to grab his cock. i’ve had fantasies about this but never thought i’d go through with it until now.
papi was shocked by my forwardness but couldn’t deny his daughters last request. i took his cock in my mouth and felt it grow hard quickly. papi started playing with my pussy and then he went down on me. his tongue felt so good i was cumming in no time. daddy asked if i was sure about this then laid on his back so i could ride him.his big cock spread my tight pussy and sent waves of pleasure through my body.
i forgot all about my procedure and got lost in the ecstacy of my fantasy with papi. i rode him while he sucked my tiny nipples and i came hard again. papi laid me on my back and fucked me so hard i started speaking in nothing but spanish. papi made my pussy squirt a bit from all the pounding and then he exploded inside me. we freakd out about me not being on the pill but everything should be fine.

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