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Your daughter is starting to grow up. Puberty came late for her…but once it did…her body went through crazy changes. Her little frame exploded with giant tits, and a thick meaty ass…it was hard to ignore her. Not only that…but her personality started to go through changes as well. At night you can hear her moaning as she masturbates…several times a night in fact you wake to the sounds of her orgasming. You try to maintain your distance while still supporting her. She’s a young woman after impressionable and confused. You tell her that she can always confide in you. You’re her daddy, and you love her. Today she’s acting strange though…she says she has something she needs to talk to you about. She’s blushing…embarrassed…she says that something’s going on with her brother Jason. Your eldest son Jason and daughter Meana are always quarrelling as do…You tell your daughter that if her brother is causing trouble you’ll put a stop to it. But she says that’s not it. “No daddy…my brother and I…we’re not fighting…we’ve been fucking…” Jesus Christ. Can this be real? She starts going into detail about their sexual escapades. In fact they’ve been fucking every night (the reason for her orgasmic screaming) she’s been riding her brother’s cock and she loves it. She can’t get enough of it. She loves her brother’s cock so much it got her to thinking. If her brother’s cock is so nice, then her Daddy’s cock must be even better. You try to stop yourself…but her stories got you excited. You imagined your two fucking and your cock got hard. You thought about your daughter’s young mouth on your cock and you started oozing with precum…. “It’s not bad though right daddy? I’m not a bad girl am I? I don’t want any other boys…I just want my brother’s cock and now I want my daddy’s cock too!”
xoxo Meana Wolf
Clip Contains: Your Daughter Meana has Been fucking your son Jason. She tells you all about her need for her siblings cock. She loves her brother’s cock and knows that Daddy’s cock must be even better. She doesn’t even need convince you. She’s want’s daddy’s dick and she’s going to get it. She rides your cock until you cum deep inside her tight little cunt and you watch your seed ooze out of her pretty little slit.

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