Lola, Roxy Cox – Breathplay Daddy Fucks Shy Girls Throat 4k 2160p c4s

This time Roxy has brought her shy friend Lola to see her Daddy. Roxy explains how there is a guy that Lola really likes but she does not know what to do to impress him to get his attention. Lola really wants him to like her, so Roxy thinks Daddy will be able to help and she even wore what Daddy asked her to wear. Lola shyly steps forward and twirls but Daddy wants to see more. Daddy gets both girls to life up their skirts and then bent over so he can squeeze & spank their asses. Lola is about to get her first kiss and Daddy tells her to close her eyes. Roxy slides Daddy’s big cock into her mouth and tells her to open and Lola struggles to fit it in her mouth. Daddys tells her to go deeper the better to please a guy. Roxy pushes Lola’s head down further & Daddy tells Roxy to show her how to gag on that cock. Roxy takes it as deep as she can and gags on it, holding her breath. The girls keep taking turns going as far down as they can take Daddy’s huge cock and holding it deep for as long as they can. Daddy’s always says the most important thing in a relationship is to make the guy cum. Both girls jerk and suck Daddy’s big dick till he cums in Lola’s mouth and she swallows it and licks his cock clean.

Duration: 00:18:53

Resolution: 3840×2160

Format: MPEG-4

Last Update: 18/11/2021
Category: Father – Daughter Incest, Mother – Daughter Incest