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[Incest 2019] Taboo POV – Veronica Valentine – Begging Daddy for money to go shopping HD mp4 720p

June 3, 2019
Hi Daddy. I really need your help. I know I just went out with my friends the other night but, now I need to go shopping and I don’t have any money left. I know you just gave me some but… well come on, you’re my step dad. Aren’t you supposed to give me what I need? We could take care of each other you know… I see the way you look at me. The same way you look at mom. How about if I take care of you, then you will take care of me?…
I reach across the couch to your lap, and slide my hands up the insides of your thighs. I have always wanted to know what your cock feels like Daddy. Stand up and take those pants off Daddy, I wanna see that dick. With a big beautiful smile, I dig out your throbbing cock, and throw you down on the couch. Now its my turn to take something off. I grab the bottom of my shirt and pull it over my head revealing my sexy breasts. Wanna feel Daddy? I know you look at them all the time. Now I want to show you the rest of me Daddy, don’t you want to see the rest of me? I want to taste that cock now daddy. I crawl between your legs and shove your cock down my slippery throat. I like to stroke it and suck it at the same time. I feel you getting so hard for me daddy, I fucking love it. I continue to stroke your beautiful dick with both my hands as my tits bounce right over you. I see you staring at my ass all the time too Daddy. I turn around and rub my round ass on the shaft of your cock. Then, I turn back around and squeeze your rock hard cock between my perfect tits. You feel so good between them. It feels like your ready to cum Daddy. I grab your cock with my wet slipper hands and stroke your cock until it explodes all over me. I wish we would have done this sooner Daddy, we could have had so much fun! Now can I have money?
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