Cadence Luxx in Blackmailing Daddy FullHD (1080p/2016)

Added: 9/25/16
Scene One: Hush money
Cadence has always been a free spirit who’s free with her money. Her dad has just given her an allowance but she needs more. “You don’t understand daddy” She whines at her father. When he tells her no she blackmails him. At a weak moment of his life he fucked his daughter’s tight little body. But that’s behind him, his sins have been forgiven, and Cadence shouldn’t use this against him.
“I don’t think mommy would like to find out” Cadence giggles as her dad gives her some cash. “Thanks daddy” She giggles again. Later that day she comes back as asks for 100 more. Threatening him and giving him a kiss when he gives it up. “My transmission blew in the car” Cadence says asking for his credit card to fix it. “Hope your transmission gets fixed” He says in a mocking tone. After a day of spending daddy’s money she comes back for more. “I have no more money” He tells her and she threatens him again.
“Fine” She says taking off her top and sliding down her pants. He’s still at work, his secretary is in the other room but Cadence doesn’t give a fuck. She’s out of money and will make him fuck her until he gives her more. “No one needs to know” She whispers to him as he fucks her silly. He puts his frustration into pounding her tight little pussy until she cums and he fills her up. “Bye daddy” Cadence giggles, cum dripping from her pussy. She’s one crazy daughter.
Scene Two: Extortion
“Dad get in here” Cadence demands of her father. He’s just finished working out and sits next to his controlling daughter. “I’m going to call mommy on the phone” Cadence says, spreading her legs and showing off her pussy. “And I want you to fuck me while I’m doing it”
He tries to argue with her but he has no choice. His daughter can destroy his life unless he gives into her crazy demands. “You started it, now you have to finish it” She says to him calling her mom and jerking her father. He fucks her hard and fast trying to make her cum quickly and be done while she chats with his wife. Cadence holds her moans as best she can, but her young horny body can’t take it. She cums over and over on the edge of insanity. She hangs up the phone and her daddy cums inside of her. “Don’t make me do that again” He tells her shocked they didn’t get caught.
Scene Three:Slush fund
Cadence calls her father into the living room. “Do you know how hard it is for me to sleep at night” He tells her in frustration. “I just want one kiss” Cadence tells him. She take control of him like playing with a toy. Holding him tight and making out with him against his will.
He gives into her and when she pulls down her panties he fucks his daughter. What is he doing, he thinks, but it’s just too much to stop himself. “I knew you wanted it, that you liked it” Cadence says looking up at him and cumming on his hard cock thrusting inside of her. “I want it on my face” She commands and cums just from saying the words. She gets to her knees and he gives her a hot load all over her smiling and eager face. “Fucking sucker” She laughs taking a photo of her cum covered face and sending it to her mother. She calls her and tells her all about the fucking around.
Scene Four: Strong-arm
“YOU JUST TOLD YOUR MOTHER!” He screams running into the living room. Cadences face is still covered in her father’s cum. “I think she should know what your doing!” She yells back at the daughter fucker. What a terrible pervert he is, fucking his daughter. In a blind rage he grabs Cadence and drags her to her room.
Throwing her to the bed he ties her hands behind her back and spanks her ass. Cadence just laughs at having destroyed her fathers life. In rage he fucks her and throws her around her bed like a rag doll. “Oh Fuck” she screams. She loves feeling his anger, his strong hands mauling her, his cock wrecking her tight little pussy. She screams and cums over and over like a little 10 dollar street slut. She loves every minute of manipulating her father and being used by his rage until he cums over her bratty face. “Oh yeah cum all over my pretty little face” She giggles. After he’s done he kicks her out of the house, leaving Cadence to question if it was worth it… yes it was.
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