Blur Bucks Piper Madison – Piper Madison Can Barely Afford School December 11, 2018

Small town girl-next-door Piper Madison is the type of girl you want to bring home to mom. She’s cute & sweet, just like her favorite drink, hot coco. That’s right, this teen is as innocent as it gets. Petite, young Piper has a-lot to learn yet in life. She’s out of money and to top it off, tuition is due and school is all she has. Who can teach her a few valuable life lessons AND get some of her expenses paid for?…

Piper isn’t as innocent as she looks and will make it WELL worth your while. And she does just that… One of our sugar daddies takes good care of Piper, made her feel safe and gave her some security that she had been missing in her life. Then he fucked the shit out of little Piper till she looked like she was having an out of body experience. You got to see it to believe it! Now Piper is well on her way towards graduation and still writes us to tell us how incredibly thankful she is for the experience! Go get em’ Piper!
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