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BareBackStudios – Kenda Heart, Luke Longly – Hard Lessons From Daddy HD [720p/2018]

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Action starts in mid-action with Daddy and Kendra struggling on couch. Dad rips Kendra’s blouse open and panties down (she’s wearing blouse and skirt) and he forcefully fucks her vaginally while she pleads for him to her why, she fights and but Daddy is too strong. He grabs her by the throat, her eyes bug out, and he tells her to never say a word to Mommy or anyone else and walks away. Kendra is left to wonder why her Daddy has done this…

Later in the week… When Kendra enters her front door she calls out for Mom and Dad. The house appears empty as she looks for her parents. Dad is inside and grabs her and shoves her up against the wall. He overpowers her with his strength and strips her nude. He tells her to not make a sound or she will regret it. He fondles her breasts while she looks terrified, he cuts off her panties, unzips his pants and has sex with her, ramming into her very hard and grunting with every thrust. When he is finished he leaves her on the floor. Kendra is left to wonder what she has done now and if she should tell Mommy what just happened…

Kendra is trying to figure out some way to deal with her fathers uncontrollable lust. Every time he sees her he rips off her clothes and fucks her like a whore. “I forgot we had security cameras.” She whispers to herself and quickly downloads the footage. “Daddy can’t get away with this anymore, this has to stop.” She says, and calls him downstairs to confront him and blackmail him for money and a car. He grabs her by her hair and taunts her. He controls the security system and her phone, she has nothing and is powerless. “Not again.” Kendra whimpers as he pushes her against the counter and pulls down her pants. Helplessly she moans onto the cold unsympathetic marble while her dad fucks her ruthlessly from behind. She feels like such a slut, unable to stop her father from using her tiny body for his pleasure.

Her eyes roll to the back of her head and she cums against her will. “Oh daddy please” Kendra pleads with him. He roughly takes off her shirt and ties her hands with it, pressing her sensitive nipples against the cold surface of the table. His big cock fills her up and she feels like she’s going to break from his violent thrusts into her pussy. Daddy spanks her like the naughty girl she is before violently kissing her. He flips her over to play with her tits and grab her by the neck while he has his way with her wet pussy. Kendra is on the edge of total self destruction by the time he’s done. A big load of white cum covering his daughters violated pussy. He leaves her shaking and used, making her apologize to him. “Sorry daddy” Kendra in a quaking voice.

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