Bare Back Studios – Jmac, Luke Longly, Britt James – Ring of Desire Three First Scenes HD avi [720p/2019]

Scene One: It’s Natural
Britt is hanging out on the living room couch one afternoon, texting her friends, when her dad comes over to talk to her. Her dad shows her a nice ring that he got from the antique shop; it’s called “the ring of desire” and whoever wears it is supposed to have all of their fondest desires come true. He slips the ring on to Britt’s finger and suddenly a magical spell comes over her! Almost immediately, she pulls her big, natural tits out and starts to unzip her shorts. Her dad asks her if she’s okay and she tells him how she is super horny all of a sudden!

She unbuttons her t-shirt and pulls her big tits out from under the shirt. Then she starts to finger her pussy while her dad starts to lick her nipples. While she fingers herself, her dad pulls his cock out and Britt starts to suck his hard cock! She keeps sucking his cock until Luke bends down to lick her tits and rub her clit a little bit. He tells her that this is her ring now and that she should never take it off! She goes back to sucking his cock until he cums in her mouth… “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but it feels good!” Britt says to herself…

Scene Two: Must Wear Lingerie
Britt hops out of bed one morning in a t-shirt and pajama shorts, and says to herself in a robotic tone “I must wear lingerie.” She opens her drawer filled with clothing and she pulls out a pink, lace body suit. She instantly strips out of her pajamas and begins to put the pink, crotch-less onesie on. She walks over to her parent’s bedroom where her mom and dad are taking a nap. She quietly walks over to her daddy’s side of the bed and starts to rub his cock on top of his boxer shorts while she rubs her pussy at the same time. He doesn’t open his eyes yet, so she gets down on her knees and starts to suck his cock. Once she puts his cock in her mouth, then his eyes burst open! “Just be quiet! Your mother is napping! But she DID take her pills last night…” he says to his daughter. After a few minutes of Britt giving her daddy a blowjob, Luke gets up and starts to fuck his daughter. Cory is still napping next to them while they have sex. Luke takes Cory’s hand and places it on top of one of Britt’s big, natural tits. Then Luke fucks Britt from behind and Britt puts her hand on top of her mom’s tits and even kisses her mom’s nipple. Cory’s eyes don’t open at all while her husband continues to fuck their daughter. He eventually cums deep inside of her pussy and then tells her to go back to bed because she has to be at school shortly…
Scene Three: Family Breakfast
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