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Scene Four: Sleepwalking
Britt’s ring of desire still has her under a magical spell. She jumps out of bed and robotically chants “I must wear lingerie” and pulls a red bra with matching red panties out from the dresser and puts them on. She tip toes over to her brother JMac’s bedroom where he is taking a nap. She stares at him and begins to rub her clit and rub her own nipples. She pulls the blanket off of JMac and whispers “I must suck your dick!” right before she puts JMac’s cock in her mouth. He jumps out and yells “what the hell?!” and she tells him that she just has the urge to suck his cock! So what can he do? He allows her to continue! She pulls her bra off and starts to titty fuck her brother’s huge cock! She puts his cock back in her mouth and sucks his cock until he cums deep in her mouth! After she finishes, she walks out, leaving JMac confused… “What the hell is going on around here?” he asks himself…

Scene Five: Uncle Jmac
Cory and her daughter, Britt, walk in to their living room to find Britt’s uncle JMac sitting on the couch watching some TV. Cory is dressed in turquoise lingerie and Britt is wearing her pink, lace bodysuit. Britt gets on JMac’s left side and Cory gets on the ride side. Britt pulls her huge, natural tits out and rubs them in her brother’s face. Then Cory pulls out her big, enhanced tits and they make a sandwich with JMac’s head in the middle of their tits! They pull JMac’s shorts off and start to give him a double blowjob. “This is insane!” JMac says to his sister and his niece, “This is crazy! What is going on?!” Cory shoves his cock in her mouth and then replies to him, “THIS is what’s going on!” She goes back down to give him a blowjob with Britt. “Yeah, suck that dick!” she tells her mother. Cory gets up and sits on her brother’s face while Britt stays in between his legs and continues to suck his dick. “Do you want to switch spots, sweetie?” Cory asks her daughter, and the girls switch spots.
Cory then rides her brother’s cock while Britt continues to ride her uncle JMac’s face because he’s so good with his tongue! Then Britt hops on top of JMac and he fucks her pussy while her big ass shakes and jiggles with every thrust. Then Cory hops on top of JMac and passionately kisses her daughter while she rides her brother’s cock. JMac keeps fucking Cory until she cums on his cock; Britt rubs her clit and masturbates while watching her mom fuck her uncle. When he gets close to cumming, Britt and Cory both get down on their knees and beg for his cum! He explodes all over both of their faces… “That was crazy! What the hell is wrong with this family?” he says to himself as the girls walk away…
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