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Added: 5/21/16
Scene One: Studious daughter
Anastasia is in her room studying for school. She stays in her room all the time, trying to ignore her parents fighting. She hears her mom slam the door and leave the house in anger. Her dad walks in to ask if she’s alright and if she’s studying. Telling her to keep studying he pulls down her pants.
She quivers with fear as her dad touches her body. Unable to move his mouth licks and sucks on her. Daddy stop She pleads but her dad makes her keep reading her book as he slides his pulsing cock into her tight pussy. Moans and sobs, tightly holding her book in her white knuckled hands, Anastasia feels her pussy fill with his warm cum.
Scene Two: Work out your feelings
She needs to keep herself busy. She needs to forget and ignore what happened the other night in her room. Working out will help. Bringing her body to exhaustion will let her forget. Her dad walks in to help her work out
As she stretches he touches her. As she lifts weights he strips her. As she works out he fucks her. She pleads with him but the only thing that stops him is his cum filling her sensitive pussy.
Scene Three: Commercial Interruption
Blankly Anastasia watches TV. Her father comes home from a long day of work and begins to play with her. He lifts her up onto his lap and touches her body. She just continues to watch TV as he makes her cum with his fingers.
Fucking her she cums again and again. He loves his new sex doll daughter that does whatever he says. He cums inside of her, oozing his love all over her used pussy. She just pulls up her panties and continues watching her shows. Love you dad She says as he leaves.
Scene Four: School Safe Space
School, that’s what she needs. Leaving the house is just the thing to clear her mind. She hops out of the shower and begins to dress when her dad walks into her bedroom. Anastasia tries to ignore him. He touches her as she pulls on her underwear and clothes.
You can’t go to school like this he tells her and strips his daughter. He goes through her drawer and picks out panties for her to try, each one getting smaller. He touches her, and pulls on her panties as she tries them on, making her feel so humiliated and used. Finally he finds a pair he likes and throws her to the bed. She screams into her pillow as he fucks her. Cumming inside of her he ruins her panties, making them soaked. Looks like you’re going to have to stay home sick today. He tells her.
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