Last Update: 18/11/2021

Amedee Vause – A “Talk” with Daddy – Slutty Daughter Seduces Upset Daddy! FullHD mp4

Who pays attention at school? There are a lot more interesting things to be done than homework : going to parties with boys, hiding and smoking cigarettes, wearing skanky clothes to get all the attention we deserve, me and my huge boobs. This time apparently I got in trouble with dad, he was so mad about my grades at school. Like I was saying, I don’t pay much attention to school, I patiently wait for the break to socialize with boys and maybe a short fuck in the toilet. But Dad is not so easy to convince, he want to make an example out of me. I was not shy at all, by wearing a short top (you could peek at my titties when I raise my arm even a little) so I started to tease him exactly how I tease the boys I wanna fuck because somewhere deep inside me I knew that he is attracted to me and this attraction was the perfect occasion to distract him from my school results. I even started to masturbate in front of him! After all this (he is a man, after all) he couldn’t resist and joined my game. Oh, daddy’s cock!. After this thought I wet myself! I guess he knows that I fuck around because he decided to administrate me a good correction by putting his huge cock in my little cunt.

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Duration: 00:29:02

Resolution: 1920×1080

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