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Amateur Boxxx Hazel Heart – I Banged My DAUGHTER’S Best Friend FullHD 1080p

So there I was last Friday night when I came home from being out with some of my old high school buddies. I was a little bit lit and I tried to be super quiet so my daughter wouldn’t hear me come in. She was having her best friend, Hazel, sleep over for the first time since the lockdown so I was hoping they would be distracted doing selfies and not worry about me. My wife had to go Tampa to see her parents so it was just me, my little girl, and her besty. Well when I walked into my room got undressed and hopped into bed I was completely taken off guard. To my surprise my Daughter’s best friend Hazel was laying in my bed half naked. At first I tried to resist her temptations and make her leave. But she just looked so fucking hot in her little panties and white top. Then when she made me play with her tits and rub her vagina I couldn’t stop. No, I was week and I proceeded to shag my daughter’s best friend six ways from Sunday. When we finished we both promised to keep it our little secret and we made a plan to fuck next time she slept over again. Which I hope is next week.

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