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My daddy bought me a used car for Christmas and it was not the one I wanted. I gave him the exact model and he bought me a way different vehicle. It’s the only thing I wanted for Christmas. My daddy asks me how the car is doing and how I am enjoying it. I don’t want to lie so I tell him the truth. I tell him it’s not what I wanted and I tell him how I really am feeling. He looks at me super upset and with this look.. He tells me he is going to give the car to my sister who likes anything Daddy gives her. He calls me a brat and keeps thr3@tening to take the car away. I beg and plead with him! I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful I just really was expecting something different. He tells me I’m going to really have earn my way back to having the keys. I’m confused but I really want the car.

It’s my only way of getting around and I really need the vehicle. Daddy tells me to stand up if I want the car. Hesitantly I stand and he tells me to unzip my sweater. I look at him super confused but I stand and unzip my sweater. Daddy isn’t just pleased with my sweater he wants me to take off my shirt next. I look at him like he is crazy. I tell him there is no way I am taking off my shirt for him. He tells me “well princess no car for you since you wanted to act like a brat”. I beg and plead with him but taking off my shirt seems like the only way. I take it off but cover myself up since I am really embarrassed. He tells me I am beautiful and to stop covering up, to give daddy a peek. I am so uncomfortable you can see it all over my face. He tells me he will give me the car keys back but I need to do exactly what he says. Next he has me remove my pants. He keeps making perverted comments and making me more and more uncomfortable. After my pants are off he has me take my bra off. This is where I get more and more hesitant. I really want that car back so I remove my bra and cover my tits up immediately. He tells me stop covering up and to bounce my boobs for him. I am so uneasy about doing all this but I know how much I need the vehicle. He has me turn around and take my panties off last. As soon as I think he is done he tells me what I will have to do next to keep the car…

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