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I am your step-daughter, mom just left and will be in Spain for the next month. I corner u and say I found me on Tindr, and there’s no WAY I am gonna let you cheat on mom with some unknown slut, possibly getting her pregnant, or worse…and the ONLY way you can save urself and keep me from telling her is for you “to hook up with a girl you already know…..ME!”. I am not taking “no” for an answer, not even a need for condoms, because I am on the pill and I just want to learn what sex is all about. I lead you to the bedroom where you and mom do it. I slowly strip, lay me back on the bed, and climb on top of you. We move through a few different positions until u start to get close. YOu start pumping away furiously…When you are about ot cum I grab your ass around you and pulling you deep inside of me unable to pull out and saying that I am not really on the pill. You reluctantly fill me with cumI look at you as I met my soulmate and I’m pretty sure you just got me pregnant, but we have all month to make love, and we can make sure I’m carrying your baby…. Please review if you appreciate my efforts and time to my work! NON-STOP DIRTY TALKS |

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