Last Update: 18/11/2021

Addie Juniper and Dakota Charms – Making a move on Step-Daddy HD 720p

Step-Dad overhears his stepdaughter and best friend talking about how hot they think he is. He sneaks in and his step-daughter starts to stroke his cock while her friend is unaware. She joins in and the fun really begins!
You know I totally did my hair and make up today because I knew your step dad would be here when I came to visit. I think you and your step-mom are so lucky to get to live with such a hunk of a man. You agree don’t you? You know you’re so lucky but he probably wouldn’t give two geeky chicks like us the time of day. I mean, I think older men are so freakin sexy but they probably don’t think much of young girls like us. In fact I would so jump on your step dad if he gave me the go ahead. Hey, are you listening to me? Oh my god, it’s your step dad standing there with his big dick in your hand. How long was he listening to me ramble about how sexy I think he is?

Look at you! You’re holding your step dads erect penis in your hand! I guess I’m not the only horny pervert in your house today. This is crazy! I’m always hanging around your house cause you’re my best girlfriend but to have your dads dick right in front of us is so crazy. We absolutely can’t say a word of this to anyone or I won’t ever be able to come visit again. This is like a dream come true for me! Do we both get to play with his dick at the same time? He’s lying down so we can stroke him together. I’ve had lots of practice stroking cock on guys my own age but haven’t ever had my hand wrapped around an older mans shaft until now. Is this your first time jacking off your step dad? He laid down pretty fast for us to grab onto his cock so he must have been thinking about this perverted moment for a while.
We should give him a real show as we stroke his shaft. Let’s get naked and squirm around on him with our tight little bodies. Oh, do you like that step-daddy? Do you like when I slap your rigid rod on your step-daughter’s tight ass? We’ll stoke you with all four hands at once. We want your big step-daddy load. Will you show us little girls what a real man’s load looks like? We’ll keep cleaning your house in tiny little skirts if you give us a big load right now. I’ll bend far over while I mop the floor and show you I have no panties on step-daddy if you give us a huge hot load right now. Oh my gosh all this dirty step-daddy talk made you spurt such a big geyser! You must have had a backlog cause your prudish wife doesn’t get you off but your step daughter and her best friend did!

Duration: 00:15:26

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4