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Electra94 – School girl wants her brother HD (720p/2016)

custom video description: Video 1 would be a roleplay brother/sister taboo, where you would be a sexy pregnant schoolgirl/cheerleader with pleated pigtails in white knee high socks, a plaited skirt and white shirt (tied at the bottom in a knot to show off your sexy pregnant belly)/cheerleader uniform. The beginning of the video would be you sitting on your bed; we are home alone so you’ve called me into your room to help you with your homework. As we start to go over the homework you notice me staring at your sexy pregnant body. After pretending to be shy and play it off you also notice that I’m rubbing my crotch and trying in vain to hide my erection from you because of how beautiful and sexy you look with in your uniform. Instead of getting mad at me your brother, you start to show off your pregnant body by putting on some music and doing a sexy striptease out of your uniform into your matching lingerie. All I can is look on as my pregnant sister shows me every inch of her beautiful body. I try to protest but you continue teasing me with your sexy pregnant body, knowing that I have lusted over you for a longest time and that I have a pregnancy fetish would make it impossible for me to resist you even though our parents could come home at any time. As the layers of clothes start dropping to the floor of my room I can’t hold back any longer and pull out my now fully erect and throbbing cock and start stroking it while I watch you my own sister reveal your beautiful pregnant body. Now completely naked on your bed you lean back and prop yourself up so you can watch me as I watch you. Slowly you spread your legs and start to playing with pregnant clit and pussy and rubbing your breasts/belly as you watch me stroke my cock. You start talking dirty to me (i.e. telling me how much you love being pregnant, how sexy you feel now that your pregnant, how good it feels to have me watch you even though were brother and sister and it’s so wrong, you can’t wait until you get pregnant again, how badly you’ve wanted to fuck me and wish it was my baby you are pregnant with *that last one there is only if you are comfortable with saying stuff like that*). Lost in the lust for each other you stop playing with your pussy and reach into your bag and pull out your favourite toy/dildo/vibrator and start to thrust it into your sweet pussy. Again still talking dirty to me (i.e. about how you wish I was really sliding my cock into your pregnant pussy and fucking your sister). This starts to send us both into a frenzy and you start cumming for me while calling my name over and over but you can’t stop and cum again thinking about how good it would be to have had me cum inside your tight pregnant pussy.
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Duration: 00:10:05

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4