Last Update: 18/11/2021

Domination For Your Own Good – Step-Mom & sales clerk diapers & jerks you off in the dressing room at the mall FullHD 1080p

If you liked “Step-Mommie & sales clerk diapers & jerks you off in the dressing room at the mall”, but want a new twist of more playful humiliation and messy diaper encouragement, you’ll LOVE this video!
Your loving Step-Mommie walks into your bedroom to have a talk with you about the fact you keep soaking through your diapers so much that they have been leaking through to your jeans. As she is changing you into fresh double diapers, she tells you this means it’s time for another trip back to the mall for plastic/rubber pants and even bigger jeans to accommodate the bulk of that and the double diapers.
Step-Mommie brings you straight to the dressing room where Miss Layla, the shy, attractive sales clerk that helped you before recognizes you from your last trip to the mall, is excited to see you and ready to help again. This time she brings her trainee, Miss Allison.

Step-Mommie is happy to see them both and is delighted for the help. Step-Mommie is unfazed by your embarrassment and kindly lets them both in! Miss Allison is amused a boy your age is still in diapers and wants to stay, watch and help Step-Mommie & Miss Layla. The three of them are super sweet and maternally condescending as they have a good time with you, playing peek-a-boo, blowing raspberries on your tummy, tickling you, etc. Between the big meal Step-Mommie fed you earlier that day & with all that having fun & laughing, you uncontrollably wet and pass gas. Omg!! Even more embarrassing, Step-Mommie & the sales clerks *encourage* you to mess your diapers right there in the dressing room. As you let loose and release one of the stinkiest messes you’ve ever had, the three of them hold their noses and giggle as Miss Allison takes lots of pictures to show the other female co-workers.
Together, the sales clerks and Step-Mommie change you into fresh double diapers and plastic/rubber pants as people are moving around in the other dressing rooms on either side. Definitely the threat of exposure. If nothing else, then from the laughter and the smell! Lol! Shopping trips are always so much fun with Step-Mommie as you never know what surprises she has in store next!
**Editors note: This video is a must see, with two disposable double diaper changes, playful humiliation, messy diaper and plastic/rubber pants. We really are at the mall during business hours, really are diapering a real person there in the dressing room with adult diapers and it is fantastic!! ENJOY!**

Duration: 00:14:42

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4