Last Update: 16/01/2022

Dante Colle, Jane Wilde, Tommy Pistol – Xmas pt 3 HD 720p

Madi (Collins) gets dressed in the upstairs bedroom after having sex with stepdaddy Larry (Tommy Pistol) and leaves. Larry heads downstairs where Billy (Dante Colle) is still sitting by himself at the dining room table, covered with half-eaten plates of food. Larry expounds rather guiltily about his difficulties as a stepfather marrying into a crazy family.
“Those two beautiful girls -I love them. Frankly, I worry -do I love them too much?”, Larry avers. Lisa (Jane Wilde) enters the room and takes over. “This Christmas, like a total bust, right?”, she says. She criticizes Aunt Paula (Aiden Ashley) and her mother (Rachael Cavalli) who both had sex with Tyler (both Tyler Cruise and Tyler Nixon in that role), and then asks Larry: “What if you pretend to be Santa Claus, and I will be a girl making a wish?”, as she sits on stepdaddy’s lap.

“And you can be one of Santa’s elves” she says, pointing to Billy. “Ask me what I want for Christmas, daddy”, Lisa says to Larry. “Well, I want two big, hard candy canes to fuck with”. Larry rushes to the kitchen, talking to himself about his uncontrollable lust for his stepdaughters, and fetches a couple of candy canes from the cupboard. Watch the hot threesome unfold…

Duration: 00:39:17

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4