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Daddy Help Me Shave: Daddy’s Girl: Featuring New Girl Barbie – Mandy Flores FullHD mp4

Barbie is trying to shave her leg…”Ouch!” She tries again but the razor keeps knicking her. She storms to the door..”Dad, do we have any NEW razors?” Dad calls from downstairs. “That is the new razor!”.. “Well, it keeps hurting me.” Dad starts to head up the stairs, “Are you sure you are doing it right?” Barbie pauses..”Um, I think so”. Dad asks why her mother never showed her the right way and Barbie says she’s been too busy with her new husband. Dad says, “Well, I guess I can show you, do you have a towel on?” Barbie opens the door, “Yes.” Dad asks her to go ahead and sit down and he grabs the razor and looks at her bare legs.

“Aren’t you using any lotion or cream?”… “No, I didnt know you had to.”… “Well, no wonder its not working.” Dad grabs the lotion and starts to make the motion like he is going to apply it, but changes his mind and hands it to her. “Here, you should put this on not me” She takes it and runs a line up her leg (Shin) and then without spreading it around on her leg she reaches for the razor Dad stops her “you need to spread it first” and starts to rub it around her leg. She moves her leg and he catches a glimpse up her towel at her pussy. Obviously not thinking straight, he continues to shave her leg so he can sneak glimpes up her towel. She says “THAT works a lot better! I don’t know why I never tried that stuff.” ….”It helps the razor glide better” He replies and keeps shaving. Barbie looks off thinking…”Can I use it on my… um….ya know up here” She motions to her torso “Well you have to be really careful…How hairy is it? It can’t be that bad really.”….. “No it’s A LOT” ….”Really?” ….”Yes really” …Dad says,”well let me see”… she pauses and looks at him. “Um, ok” She opens up the bottom of her towel… “Oh wow that is really hairy, do you want me to do that for you then?” She doesn’t seem fazed by that at all for some reason.. “Sure, it’s really hard to do there cause I worry I’m gonna cut myself.” He grabs the shaving lotion and puts some on his hand and says “Mostly just down below right, not the top?” …. “ummm….Yeah” she opens her leg a bit.
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