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Cory Chase in the Surprise – Total HD (

Mom stands before you, wearing her business attire; it`s been a hard day at work and she really wants some deep loving. she begins to slowly unbutton her blouse, rubbing her breasts expressing how much she`s been thinking about your cock all day long. she drops her blouse to the floor and gets down on her knees smiling and moaning as she pulls your cock from your pants and proceeds to give you a slow, sensuous blow job; she sucks it slowly at first then faster and faster, jerking you off as she rubs her clit. mom loves to talk dirty to you in between sucks; approaches orgasm but suddenly stops when she feels your cock pulse in her mouth. she winks and instructs you to calm down before suggesting you meet her by the pool.
you find mom in the kitchen, completely naked and leaning against the table; she smiles and tells you she wants you to fuck her badly, like a rough rider. she climbs onto the table and spreads your legs and instructs you to fuck her. mom rubs her clit and breasts as you enter her warm pussy and begin fucking her, slowly at first then faster and faster; mom teases you how she loves how you treat her like a slut. suddenly, mom wants to change positions and turns around in front of you, spreading her legs as you guide your cock into her pussy from behind; she screams loudly as you fuck her viciously while she rubs her clit. mom suddenly screams again as her hot pussy grabs your cock while she orgasms; she thrusts against you for a moment until she collapses on the table. she looks back and you and smiles, informing you she`s not quite done yet and for you to meet her in the bedroom for a surprise..
mom meets you out by the pool; she is wearing of the sexiest bikinis she has ever worn. she teases you and guides you to sit down on the lounge chair. she teases you how she knows you think about her all day long and can`t wait for her to get home; she rubs her breasts and clit moaning before going down on her knees and jerking your cock. she slowly jerks you up and down, asking if you like how it feels; she reaches down and inserts two fingers into her moist pussy and begins pleasuring herself as she does you.
finally, mom cannot stand it anymore and instructs you to lay back so she can mount your cock; she slowly guides herself onto your hard manhood, causing her to moan and arch her neck. mom slowly begins grinding back and forth on your cock, talking dirty to you the entire time as she moves faster and faster; mom moans and screams as you feel her wet pussy grab your cock as she orgasms. mom grinds on you for a moment before smiling and instructing you to give her a minute then search for her in the house, knowing you still haven`t come yet..
mom is in the bedroom wearing sexy lingerie and rubbing herself; she bends over in front of you on all fours and tells you your reward for being her good little boy is that she will finally let you fuck her in the ass. she teases and talks dirty to you as you approach her and slowly insert your cock into her tight ass; she moans how your cock feels so big in her little asshole. you pour additional lube on your cock before you begin thrusting; mom moans loudly as you thrust slowly, then faster and faster.
she instructs you to fuck her harder and harder; she rubs her clit and suddenly screams as she has a third orgasm. mom can feel your cock spasm inside of her ass, about to cum; she turns and lets you fuck her throat. you can no longer handle her gagging noises as you spray hot cum down her throat and into her mouth; you watch the cum run out of her mouth as she laughs and deep throats your cock one last time. now wasn`t that a nice surprise for being a good boy?

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