Cory Chase & Alora Jaymes in Capture of the Court Reporter SD (Jerky Wives/

Alora slowly awakens to find herself lying on her bed, being held by Lady Venom whom is naked as she. Lady Venom strokes her hair and gently explains how she is dying from the venom inside of her and that the end is near; Alora weekly agrees when Lady Venom suggests they inject more venom into her to her quickly. Lady Venom gently kisses Alora`s breasts and nipples when she bites her, causing Alora to tense in pain; Lady Venom then kisses Alora`s neck gently before biting into it, injecting even more venom into her prey`s body, causing her prey to now spasm gently. Lady Venom guide`s one of her nipples into Alora`s mouth and coaxes the weakened court Reporter to suck on it; Alora sucks on Lady Venom`s nipple, causing her to laugh as she knows a triple dose of venom has now been injected into her prey. Lady Venom moan`s for a moment before she moves, instructing her henchman to fuck Dominique; the henchman fucks Alora in several positions before finally sticking his cock into her ass. Alora can only moan and gently rub her clit as the poison makes its way to her heart; she moans loudly as the feel of the henchman`s cock in her asses causes her to orgasm.
Capture of the Court Reporter 1
The henchman continues fucking Alora`s ass until he ready to cum; he quickly moves into position and jerks his cock until he sprays hot cum into Dominique`s mouth and all over her face. The henchman rubs the cum all over Dominique`s face with his cock before moving away laughing. Alora grabs her chest and begins struggling for air as the venom has made its way to her heart; her eyes begin to flutter then slowly roll into the back of her head as she slowly succumbs from the venom. Lady Venom frowns and voices how she wishes Alora had lived to be cocooned; Lady Venom instructs the henchman to quickly clean the scene so they can retreat back to their hide out.
The End

Duration: 00:41:53

Resolution: 848×480

Format: Flash Video