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Chloepuddles – Taboo Babysitter Roleplay – Mom vs Babycock FullHD 1080p

Taboo- Baby dicks- Babysitter roleplay, Mommy roleplay- small cock worship- Babysitter’s Night Time Ritual (nude, Small penis worship, babysitter/mommy roleplay, use tiniest dildo you have, use phrase “babydickie”, tickle, kiss, tease, suck, violent biting, and fuck) At age 18, Soyboy was well past puberty but had the tiniest little babydickie. Every night before bed, the babysitter would visit Soyboy’s room completely nude. “How’s my little babydickie, my cute little peepee, my adorable little baby cock.” She loved teasing him with her nude body making his babydickie so stiff. The babysitter tickled Soyboy’s babydickie like it was her little pet. She caressed and stroked him until he was twitching. She was obsessed with tickling, kissing, sucking, and biting his little babydickie. After biting down on his dickie too hard, Soyboy started to cry for his mommy telling her to stop. The babysitter ignored his cries and took his baby dickie and balls into her grinning mouth. She laughed hysterically while T…… soyboy. She deepthroated his babydickie and started rubbing her nose against his belly. She finally released when he started coming. “Awww, thats a good boy!” The babysitter decided to videochat with Mommy on her cellphone to show her how much fun they were having: “Aww Look! He has a cute little woody for me! It’s so cute and adorable!” “I love stiff little dickies!” “My baby brother has a bigger peepee than you and he’s an baby’s.” “Doesn’t he have the cutest little babydickie?” “Does the baby dick want kisses?” “Your little dickie must have stopped growing when you were a baby” “It’s so small and stiff” [kisses] “It’s so so cute? You don’t want me to suck and bite it?” [kisses] “So sweet” “I want to bite down on your little baby dickie” [biting] “Awww, where did the little dickie go?” “Here it is!” “Here’s the little dickie” [biting & sucking] “It’s like a little baby peepee!” “Little baby boy’s have bigger peepees than that!” Mommy decided that this was the time for babysitter take control. To become completely dominant over Soyboy. She tells the babysitter that soyboy has been a very naughty boy and to punish him however you see fit! [hangs up video chat]: “Don’t you dare spoil your little babydickie!” “Your little dickie belongs me now! Let me suck on it as long as I want!” “I would love to eat it up like a little cocktail weenie” “Whats a matter? You don’t want me to bite your little babydickie?” “Your mommy told you already! There’s nothing you can do about it, its mine now!’ “Little baby boys have bigger dicks than you” “You just have to accept it!” “It is the most adorable little baby dickie in the world” “I’m going to bite on that little baby dickie until you cry with agony!”

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