Canadian Missbehavin26 – Mom Humiliates Son with Bully FullHD 1080p

IncesTimeMother – Son Incest PornCanadian Missbehavin26 – Mom Humiliates Son with Bully FullHD 1080p
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Canadian Missbehavin26 – Mom Humiliates Son with Bully FullHD 1080p

Script: After I’ve been constantly bullied at school you sit me down to tell me that you’ve invited my bully, Brad, over to find a resolution. You can see how nervous I am and you tell me to rub your feet as that always calms me down. As I give you a foot massage you tell me you know it’s not easy having such a pretty Mommy. You know the kinds of things the boys at school must say about you and especially what Brad says he wants to do to you. You start absentmindedly touching yourself as you describe what you think he says about you, how it must be so tough to hear for me, especially because I have such a tiny cock. You get hornier and hornier as you start listing the mean names he calls me at school but you tell me to trust you and that this dinner will solve everything. You say we all need to make an effort for tonight and you show off the sexy dress you’re wearing. You ask me if I think Brad will like it as you continue to tease me with your perfect body. Suddenly you remember you’ve forgotten something for dinner and you need me to pick it up from the store. When I return I find Brad fucking you with his huge cock. As he continues to fuck you, you tell me this is what a real man looks like and that I’ll never be able to fuck perfect women like he gets to. All I’ll be is a fat virgin loser who gets to watch and listen. The two of you fuck harder and harder until he cums and you order me to be a good boy and clean up the creampie he’s left in you. After I’ve eaten up all of his cum you tell me to go finish making dinner for the two of you while you fuck again.

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