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Daddy’s dialogue is shown as text on screen) Daddy isn’t happy when he finds out Jessica hasn’t been going to her classes. He makes her spank her ass with a wooden paddle until her cheeks are cherry red, but Daddy isn’t satisfied just yet. He makes her wear a ballgag, take off her shirt and spank her tits as well. Daddy still doesn’t think Jessica learned her lesson, however, and makes her spank her little pussy with the paddle. Jessica’s been punished, but she still needs to properly apologize to Daddy. She shows off her body for him, spit dripping from her ballgag and rubbing it over her tits. Then, she lets him fuck her doggystyle. Daddy makes her take off the ballgag after so he can hear her dirty talk to him, telling him how much she loves his cock and to cum inside of her. Daddy fills up Jessica’s pussy with his cum and watches as it drips out. He forgives Jessica, and Jessica promises to never disobey him again.

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Duration: 00:14:20

Resolution: 1920×1080

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