Last Update: 18/11/2021

Bratty Babes Own You – Naomi And Ginger Foreign Exchange Student Make Step Dad Cum In Pants FullHD 1080p

Naomi Swann And Ginger Ale are on the sofa taking off there shoes after school Naomi is excited to have a Ginger here for a foreign exchange student program. Ginger wants check out the mall and do some shopping but Naomi whimpers that she has no money. Naomi’s asshole loser step-dad never gives her any money for shopping or fun. Naomi also complains that her step dad is total weirdo and her step-mom left because of his weird pantyhose foot fetish. Ginger feels bad for her new friend and since she is going to be living with Naomi and Naomi’s step dad things will have to change. Ginger makes a plan and lets Nomi know to follow her lead at dinner. After dinner Ginger ask for money to go for her and Naomi. Of course Naomi’s cheap loser step dad says no. Ginger quietly under the table slips off her shoes and begins to graze Naomi’s step dads leg until it hits his cock. Naomi’s step dad begins to stutter and mumble and begins to change his tune. Naomi looks down and sees Gingers foot in her step dads crotch. Naomi is a bit shocked but listens to Ginger as she tells her join in. Naomi hops onto the table and slips off her sneakers. Naomi shoves her feet into her stepdads face and makes him worship as Ginger grinds his cock. The smell of Naomi’s feet on his face and Gingers grinding makes him begin to quiver and all and is about to cum. Before he does Ginger demands to know where his wallet is. Naomi’s step dad cant take and yells the location as he blows his load in his pants.

Duration: 00:10:38

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4