Birtish Sydney Harwin – Don’t Fight It Dad FullHD 1080p

Your daughter confronts you about her panties going missing from the washing basket, leaving you embarrassed and red faced as you’ve been finally caught out after all these years of taking her underwear to jerk off into and sniff whenever you like. Your daughter isn’t mad though… she is intrigued… and admits that she finds it cute and hot that her father lusts after her in this way. She is slowly getting turned on as she talks about it… Mom won’t be home for about 10 minutes… you’ve got time… you could easily let your daughter have her way and fuck you… but could you really do that to your wife, her mother? Could you slip it inside your daughters tight wet cunt behind her mothers back? How could you ever look her in the eye again? Your daughter is such a fucking cock tease… How could you resist? You are growing harder and harder and you just can’t fight it anymore… Besides… if anyone finds out, you could just say that she wouldn’t take no for an answer… right?

Duration: 00:16:51

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4