Bare Back Studios – Melanie Hicks in Mothers Reluctance HD (720p/2016)

Scene One: Mom Cannot Date
Mom comes home late from a date. She and her date make out heavily on her bed while Son is spies on them. Son comes in and kicks the out of the date. The date staggers out badly beaten and . She raises Hell to her son who calls her names; slut, tramp, town tramp, etc., She slaps him, he slaps her back, she falls to the bed, he gets on top of her, reaches under her skirt and rips her panties off and fucks her vaginally and then flips her on her stomach and continues to fuck her while she screams and fights back.
Scene Two: Remember I Love You Mom
Mom is on the couch wearing her sexy lingerie. Son sneaks and begins to touch and expose his mom. He fingers her pussy and sucks on her tits. Just before he slips his cock into Mom, she screams. Son covers her mouth and fucks her. He assures Mom that he loves her and says only he can fuck her.
Mom tries to fight him off but he holds her hands above her head as he penetrates her tight pussy. He finishes on her beautiful tits and reminds Mom he loves her. Melanie is left a crying mess on the couch.
Scene Three: Slut Mom Punished
Mom walks into the room dressed like a total slut. Her Police Son does not appreciate his mother dressing like a whore and tells her to change. Mom gives him attitude and he slaps her across the face. He picks her up by the hair and bends her over the table. He spanks his crying Mom and she sucks his cock.
Mom is then thrown to the couch and he climbs onto her. He covers her whore mouth with his hand to silence her screams. Mom is flipped to her back and he finishes inside of her. Melanie is made to promise to no longer dress like a slut.
Scene Four: Shower Mom
Mom finishes taking, while naked Son peeks in and masturbates. She gets out, wraps a robe around herself, son charges in and shoves her head into the tub, kissing her hard and yanking at her robe. They struggle, he shoves her to her knees, drags her by her hair to the floor and she blows him while he calls her names.
To teach her the ultimate lesson he fills his mom’s pussy full of hot cum. She collapses on the floor sobbing.
Scene Five: Removing My Son
Rich, well dressed, mom enters the living room. Mom is angry and tells him he has been disinherited and to get out of her house. He says he wants his inheritance, she refuses, etc. etc. He smacks her face, strips her and gags her. He puts her face down on the couch and fucks over and over again until she agrees to sign his inheritance.
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