Last Update: 18/11/2021

Bare Back Studios Maya Farrell in My Hot Step Daughter in Stuck Under The Bed HD 720p

My step-daughter, Maya, is searching around my bedroom, looking for money! She decides to search under the bed, and she accidentally gets stuck under the bed! She calls out for me to come help her get out. I grab the side of her waist and I try to pull her out, but that doesn’t work! I lift her skirt up, thinking that maybe it will be easier to pull her out this way. I grab on to her thong and I end up pulling her thong off, while she is still stuck under the bed. Now her pussy and ass are exposed up in the air! I can feel my cock getting hard in my pants, so I pull my cock out and I shove it inside of her pussy! “Maybe this will help you get unstuck,” I suggest, as I keep fucking her pussy. I accidentally cum inside of her pussy, but I also end up getting her out from under the bed! Now that she is free, she tells me that she will need some money to keep this quiet and not tell her mother! I show her where the money is and she grabs the entire stack, and walks out of my bedroom rolling her eyes…

Duration: 00:11:18

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4