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Son is sleeping in his room on his back, snoring lowly. Mom gently nudges the door open and stands there staring at him lovingly. Mom gently rubs her clit through her panties and her breasts as her son moans; she can tell he is having a sexual dream. She opens her mouth to moan however does not make a sound as she does not want to wake him and miss the opportunity to once against satisfy her lust for him and get further revenge on her husband. Mom quietly walks over to her sona€™s desk and opens the draw; she removes a blind fold she has hidden there for just such an occasion. She quietly makes her way over to the bed and gently ties the blind fold around her sona€™s eyes, careful not to wake him; she can hear him moan lightly as she pulls back the covers to discover a his partially erect cock.
Mother proceeds to give her son a slow, deep blow job; fingering herself simultaneously as she is turned on from the moans of his dream ..yes Jessica, suck it faster.a€? Moans son. Mom smiles and proceeds to suck his cock faster and faster, listening carefully to mimic anything he may request in his dream as he speaks. a€?Oh fuck babya€¦a€¦.yeaha€¦a€¦..suck that cock. Moans son as his cock becomes rock hard in his mothera€™s mouth; mom begins to moan lowly and then louder and louder as she approaches orgasm. a€?Oh Goda€¦..pleasea let me taste your sweet pussy son begs. Mom smiles devilishly as she complies; mom climbs on top of son and mounts his face to let him eat her pussy but carefully so as to not smother him. Mom screams as her sona€™s tongue brings her to an intense orgasm; she breathes heavily for a moment before gently sitting on his chest in a 69 position and sticks her pussy back up to his face. Son continues to eat mothera€™s pussy as he becomes more aggressive; mom now has her sona€™s cock in her mouth and his giving him a viscous fast, sloppy blow job to match the rhythm of his tongue on her moist pussy. Mom can hear her son breathing deeply and moaning loudly on her pussy as he approaches orgasm; my face cum on your mothera€™s face!a€? she turns and orders before continuing his blow job. Son lets out a loud moan as is stiff cock sprays stream after stream of hot cum onto his mothera€™s face. Mom flicks, clicks and sucks his cock a little longer before using it to wipe is cum all over her face. Mom waits a moment for her son to stop moving before she gets off of him; she smiles as she looks down to see her son lightly snoring again, completely unaware of anything that just happened. She carefully removes the blind fold from his eyes and places it back in the draw before quietly leaving the room.
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