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Bare Back Studios – Britt James, Luke Longly, Cory Chase – Mommy Doesn’t Know HD mp4 [2018]

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Scene One: Fully developed daughter
“What are you wearing?” Cory asks her daughter. She may have just rolled out of bed but Britt needs to wear something more than a tight thin t-shirt over her huge tits and a tiny pair of lace panties barely covering her pussy. Britt doesn’t mind and it feels comfortable wearing clothes like this. “You need to change your clothes!” Cory yells and makes her husband deal with it while she gets ready for work.
“You better get dressed for school” Dad says, trying to keep his eyes on the newspaper in front of him. “Do you want to see them?” Britt asks her nervous dad. She loves doing this to boys at school and seeing her father act like this makes her happy. She presses her big tits against her father and makes him grab them. Her hands run up and down his body and it’s not long before she’s pressed against the kitchen table and fucked. No man can control themselves around Britt and her hot body, and fucking her dad proves it. She moans happily as she feels herself fill with her father’s cum. Something to keep her warm and smiling all day at school.

Scene Two: In plain sight
He’s been stressing out about fucking his daughter all day. He nervously sits in front of the TV and tries to distract himself. Britt sits down next to him and says “I don’t have any underwear on” He looks at her confused as she giggles to herself. She puts her head on his lap and they watch a movie. Britt can feel his dick getting hard under her and her pussy twinges with excitement.
Dad protests as Britt pulls his cock out of his shorts and begins to suck him as they watch. Mom comes into the room and she hides what she’s doing quick. But the moment she leaves his dick is back in her mouth. They begin to fuck, unthinking lust for one another taking control. They don’t even stop when mom walks in on them, Britt hiding and riding her father while they chat with mommy. She’s so clueless as dad shoots another hot load in his daughters young pussy.

Scene Three: Family Business
Britt is helping daddy fill out some paperwork at work. Bored she sits on the couch and waits for him to finish up. With nothing else to do her hand slides down to her pussy and she starts to rub one out. Her moans get louder and louder until dad has to stop what he’s doing and check on her. “What are you doing!” He demands. Britt just gives him that loving fuck me smile and entices him with her body.

She’s in complete control of her daddy, getting him to fuck her whenever she wants. She sucks his cock and it makes her feel so fucking hot. Spreading her legs Britt makes him fuck her around the office, plowing her on his desk like a sexy secretary. She cums and loves being fucked so hard. Dropping to her knees she looks up at her daddy with her tongue out as he shoots a big load all over her beautiful face. What a happy daughter daddy makes her.
Scene Four: Family Arrangements
One early Saturday morning Cory wakes up first and goes to take a shower. “You’re not going to join me?” She says to her husband, but he goes back to sleep leaving Cory pissed.
“I heard the shower turn on” Britt says to her sleeping father. This is her one chance today to get fucked by her dad’s dick and Britt is going to take it. Dad can’t say no to her big tits and tight sweet pussy. They fuck like rabbits. Britt’s big tits bouncing to the rhythm of her dad’s thrusts. She moans softly unable to stop herself from cumming even if mom overhears her from the bathroom. “Oh yes” She screams as a big load of her dad’s cum is sprayed all over her face. “I see you got your father up” Cory says with a smile. Cum drips off Britt’s face while mom looks at them. “What am I going to do with the two of you” Cory says as they run out of the room.
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