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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Missy Rhodes – Missy’s Confession – Humilation, Princess Missy HD mp4

Missy is waiting for you on the couch. You wonder why she looks so sad. She asks you to sit down. She can barely hold back the tears. She tells you that she has been waiting to say something to you for months now but just hasn’t been able to. Missy explains that she hasn’t been happy in a long time. That you are a good husband but there has been something missing. She explains that she might have been too young to get married. She finally confesses that she has been having an affair for months. She doesn’t want to give you the sordid details but she does because it’s better you know everything. You start to envision her being fucked by another man. You see the images and you start to get turned on. She is giving all the details about her affair, how big his cock is and how many times they would fuck in one night. She notices you are touching yourself. She get’s very upset. But then realizes how to use this to her advantage. She makes you get your cock out and then… This is a “CUCKOLDING” Fetish clip. This clip

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