Last Update: 18/11/2021

Arianna Labarbara, Bridgett Lee – So Wrong but Feels So Right

Johnny is failing all his classes and typically being “Dumb as a fucking box of rocks” just like his father! His mom Arianna has tried absolutely everything she can think of, but nothing is getting through to him! She has tried grounding him, taking away his XBOX, cell phone, and IPOD, but to no avail…. At her wits end, she informs Johnny that she has made an appointment with a tutor “Ms Lee” who is supposed to be the very best. When I arrive, I explain to Johnny’s mom that my tutoring procedure may seem a bit “unorthodox”, but comes with a very high success rate and has proven to work over and over again with all her students. Johnny’s mom hopes it is true and leaves Johnny in my hands, telling him to “Figure it out, she is done!” then leaves the room…..Ms Lee gets right to work explaining to Johnny that her tutoring involves “relaxation” so he can focus on his studies…Johnny opens up confessing that his mom yells at him all the time which puts him under a lot of pressure. After some soothing words from me, I gently pull down Johnny’s pants …. take his cock immediately in my mouth so there is no time for him to object to my “unorthodox” procedure…it’s my fail proof way of harnessing my students tensions. Soon, Johnny’s mom walks into the room shocked at seeing me blowing her son’s cock! I assure her that this technique has a 99.9 percent success rate and will help Johnny focus on his studies…at this point she will try anything, so I invite her to join in so that she can “home school” him herself. As she is sucking her son’s cock, she gets so turned on that Johnny’s cock looks just like his fathers! I see that Johnny’s cock is rock hard by the sight and feel of his mother and tutor sucking him, so I move the class into the bedroom so Johnny can explore Anatomy with his mom. Johnny’s throbbing cock is thinking for him now, so he jumps right in sucking his mothers pussy, then fucks and pounds her pussy doggie until his mom screams “He fucks her better than his father!” Then it is my turn…Johnny pounds my pussy doggie until I climax over the edge. I then decide that it is time for Johnny to focus on his school work like he should and the only sure way is for him to get a deep throat cock sucking from his mom…..we sucked Johnny until he couldn’t take it anymore and blew his load all over his moms face! Class dismissed!

Duration: 00:21:34

Resolution: 640×480

Format: Windows Media