AnnabelleCums – Prude Mom Gets An Orgasm HD mp4 [American / Midwest/1080p/2018]

I am a sweet but prudishly dressed mom welcoming her son home from college. I am very happy to see him, asking him how his studies have been going. He does need to keep them up if he wants to go to med school and get his psyche degree. He replies that his undergrad studies are going fine but he cant stop fooling around with the college girls. I am shocked! I don’t want to listen as he talks about banging a new girl each day. Apparently, its been real easy since he picked up a skill during his Mind control studies. I say that’s ridiculous. Mind control cant make someone “jump” into bed with you. He says he’ll prove it to me and control my mind. I say that’s ridiculous as I follow an off screen item being swung back and forth. Fairly quickly, I’m in a trance. When I wake up, I am shocked to find that I’m now in incredibly sexy lingerie. I try to lecture my son about how bad he is, but I cant stop touching myself. I begin to feel very sexy. I’m attempting to continue lecturing while becoming more and more accepting (and turned on) by how sexy I look until I have to masturbate and cum

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