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Amateur Boxxx – Layla Larocco – The Riddler Girl Controls & Fucks Clark Kent FullHD 1080p

Riddler Girl figures out that Clark Kent is Superman and she MESMERIZES him with a Green Glowing WAND of Synthetic Kryptonite. Clark Kent is hard at work for the Daily Planet. He is doing an investigative piece on Layla, who is a strong Woman Business Owner who just bought up tons of real estate in the slums of Metropolis. Little does he know that she is also the infamous Riddler girl that Superman has been fighting against. Riddler girl invites Clark into her office for an interview. He begins to ask her questions about her past, where she’s from, her work background. Clark also asks her what her intentions are with the real estate she bought, etc… The interview is about to end and Riddler Girl asks him some questions, she says a riddle “Riddle me this Clark Kent, who has Four eyes, acts like he can’t fly, and disguises himself as a journalist? You SUPERMAN” She then stands up, unbuttons her trench coat, takes it off, and reveals her Riddler Costume. Clark Kent says “I should of known it was you.” He then reaches to take off his glasses, but before he can, Riddler Girl holds up a green mini wand of Kryptonite. Clark Kent is suddenly week and unable to change into Superman.

Two seconds later he transforms and he is suddenly Mesmerized and in a trance like state. Riddler Girl Just laughs and says “Riddle me this Clark, who has the power to control superman and use him as a fuck stick, I do. Now get on your knees and suck on my pussy Superboy” Riddler girl proceeds to mind control Clark Kent. She makes him do various sex acts on her. Once she is done having sex with him she sits on his face and cums. After that she orders him to shoot his Super Load all over her chest. When Riddler Girl is satisfied she makes him get dressed, she takes off her mask, puts the trench coat back on and takes him out of the trance. Clark Kent remembers nothing of what happened and he thanks her for the interview and leaves, but not before she schedules a
follow up interview with her Development Manager in two weeks. Next time she’s gonna bring Poison Ivy with her for a threesome. Nice!

Duration: 00:25:11

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4