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Amateur Boxxx Gabbie Carter – I Fucked My Step-Daughter after Bowling Night FullHD 1080p

So last Saturday night when I came home from the Bowling League I got a pleasant surprise. It was pretty late and all the lights were out in the house so I figured my Step-Daughter, Gabbie, was resting in her room. My wife was on a business trip so it was just the two of us. Well I tried to be as quiet as I could and when I walked into my bedroom and turned on the light I jumped six feet in the air. My step-daughter was laying in my bed wearing the sexiest little outfit ever. She had on a tiny little pink cut off top that barely held her breasts in and sexiest lace underwear ever. I could have jerked off right then and there. But I know it’s wrong so I told her to please leave and got to her room. Gabbie wasn’t having it and started to tease me. Then she pulled her top up and her beautiful boobs fell out. I tried to resist but she made me touch them. I had zero will power and went for it. She sucked me and titty fucked me and jerked me off with her feet. Then SHE BEGGED me to fuck her six ways from Sunday. Gabbie promised me that she was on the pill then she made me shoot my load deep inside her tight soft pussy. We both agreed to keep it a secret from her step-mother and she snuck into my room the following night for round two. I feel guilty, but not
really, she’s fucking hot, how could I not.

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